Namchow Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1952 by Mr. Qizhi Chen, an overseas Chinese in the Philippines. He took over Namchow Industrial Co., Ltd. and reorganized it. Sixty-four years have passed. The Company has been focusing on six major fields, namely oils and fats/dairy products, flour, rice, dining, daily detergent supplies, and biotechnology, with products sold around the world. The Company's sustainable management goal is to be "based in Taiwan" and to "deploy around the globe."

As the industrial environment changes, corporate social responsibilities (CSRs) have become a pre-requisite for a company to exist. Namchow started to prepare its CSR Report in 2015 and promote related policies through its committee in order to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities in terms of corporate governance, food safety, and environmental sustainability. In other words, Namchow is devoted to business management and has spared no efforts in upgrading the industry. With sole sponsorship, it organized the World Market Namchow global partners platform exhibition in 2014 to display complete product lines of Namchow, including cleaners, oils and fats, baking, ice cream, rice, noodles, frozen foods, and dining and to explain to customers that Namchow can provide best quality and high value-added products as well as one-stop service. At the end of the same year, the "Happy New Year of the Goat - Baking Handy Gift Carnival" exhibition was organized also with sole sponsorship where 62 bakeries throughout Taiwan were invited to take part; it helped bring about new hope for the sluggish baking industry in Taiwan and rebuild confidence at that time.

The stocks of Namchow were traded publicly in 1973. The diversified developments had to do with raw materials, the technology, the distribution channel, and the culture. Pulses and trends in the industrial setting have been kept track of following the principles of "Knowing changes. seeking to change, responding to change, and remaining unchanged." In the future, Namchow will continue to honor the spirit: As Heaven's movement is ever vigorous, so must a gentleman ceaselessly strive along and to seek advancements on a daily basis to catch up with time and to march on the path to sustainable development.